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S. John Links to Atomic Airship

November 24, 2005

S. John Ross, noted RPG developer with credits all over the place, has deemed my insignificant game pages noteworthy enough to link to. His Risus RPG page now sports a shiny new link to my own rules for the Risus-inspired solitaire game Risus Royale. Thanks, S. John! Couldn’t have done it without your most excellent RPG.


I’m Commenting on Gizmodo

November 24, 2005

The #1 techie hardware blog on the Web is Gizmodo, with hundreds of thousands of visitors every day. Comments there are by invitation only, and guess who their latest commenter is? Yep. Dunno why, but I have been deemed worthy. Check out the technical goodness (and my comments on same) at

Frist Prost

November 21, 2005

Hi. WordPress is giving away free blog space, so I grabbed some. My main web site is at, and there I comment about living simply, computers, games, Flooby!, and just about anything that strikes my fancy.