Cheap Game Parts

The folks over at Hasbro are nice. They really want you to be able to enjoy the games you buy from them. As a customer service gesture, they’ve put up a web page where you can order replacement parts. For cheap. Real cheap. Shipping included. They sell their parts so cheap that I am sorely tempted to take advantage of them and just buy some parts for making up my own games. For example, you can get 16 Markers and 2 Dice from their Parchisi game for just $2.00. Two bucks will also get you a complete set of tokens from Monopoly. $4.00 will buy 32 Houses, 12 Hotels, and a pair of dice. Need more dice? Just buy a full set of five from Yahtzee for $3.00 and they’ll throw in 10 Yahtzee chips as a bonus. Remember, this is with free shipping. And they take credit cards. The only downside is that they’d don’t have a web form for ordering – you have to print out and mail or fax the order form to them. They say ‘Hasbro reserves right to limit quantities’, but there’s a space for ‘quantity’ on the form, so they’re probably okay if you order a couple of some item. While you might buy some items cheaper elsewhere, the free shipping makes this a steal. Plus you can buy cool items like a Hippo Body from ‘Hungry, Hungry Hippos’ ($3.00 each, and $4.00 for a bag of all 4 Hippo Heads with marbles). Now where else are you going to find an item like that? Let’s see… how many Trivial Pursuit Pie Wedges ($2.50 for a bag of 36, die included) and Pie Wagons ($2.00 for a bag of 6) do I really need? Hasbro Game Parts

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