Make Your Own Games

Make Your OwnOver at Board Game Central, they’ve got a page of links to companies that have kits which let you make your own games. Shown at left is the Make-A-Game set, which sells for $15.95 and includes a blank quad-fold board, 2 dice, 16 tokens, play money, 24 blank cards, and instructions. If you don’t need the board, you can get the cards, tokens, money, and 5 dice for just $7.95. BGC’s page also has links to the Make-Your-Own-Opoly set, a Make Your Own Games set that’s aimed more at the crafty set, and the Game Inventor’s Guidebook. As always, Board Game Central once again proves itself to be an invaluable resource for the board gamer. Note: I have just ordered the Make-A-Game set and three of the gamepieces sets. I’ll let you know what I think when they arrive and I’ve had a chance to play with them a bit.

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