The Game of the Century

Vince YoungI’m a football fan, but not a football fanatic. I watch most of the University of Iowa games on TV, and tune into the occasional Bears (yea!) or Packers (boo!) game when I can. If my alma mater, Iowa State, makes it to a bowl game, I’ll probably watch. It’s rare for me to watch anyone else play. But with all the hype and hoopla, I decided to check out the Rose Bowl last night. It’s a good thing I did. Otherwise I would have missed the Game of the Century. Vince Young led the Longhorns to a hard-fought national championship, and along the way proved himself to be possibly the best football player ever. Ever. He rushed for over 200 yards and three touchdowns, while throwing for more than 200 more. This guy is only a junior, and he was overwhelmingly passed over for the Heisman Trophy this year in favor of Reggie Bush, a tailback at USC. They were the opposing team in this game. Oh, and the USC quarterback has a Heisman, too. Two Heismans, but they lost this game. You just can’t make this stuff up, folks. Incredible performance by Vince Young and the Longhorns, and a brilliant ending to what had to have been the best bowl season anyone’s ever seen.

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One Comment on “The Game of the Century”

  1. Barbara P. Carlson Says:

    The football game problem is not who was or was not worthy of the Heisman trophy – who is the best single player, it is which is the better team. No great quarterback or running back or wide receiver can produce yards without an excellent line. No team wins without an excellent defense keeping the other team from making their yardage makers look good. Texas had a group of 50 players and coaches that was better than USC’s group of 50 players and coaches. Both teams in fact have more than 100 players and coaches but I am guessing that 50 great ones is the critical mass. Football stays interesting because of that complexity.
    (For those of you who recognize this fellow Iowa Stater, and wonder how I changed from a high interest in track and field and basketball, and a strictly casual football person – you would be correct in guessing that my youngest child is a son passionate about football. He has carefully instructed me on the thrills of great line play – setting up Madden plays and games to teach me what he is on about. )

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