Triple Booting OS’s

Amiga 3000I see there’s now a $6000 bounty for the first person to run Windows XP on an Intel Mac. Once the bugs are worked out, you’ll be able to triple-boot an Intel Mac (or a PC) with Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Linux. How cool will that be? Cool, but not THE coolest, at least not in my book. Way back in the day, I had a high-end Amiga 3000 on my desk that was tricked out to run Windows 3.1 (on a plug-in 8086 Bridgeboard), UNIX, and the Amiga OS simultaneously on the same machine. The way the Amiga worked, they were displayed layered one on top of the other on pull-down screens. When someone’s got one of these fancy-schmancy new machines running three different OS’s simultaneouly lilke that, give me a call. 🙂

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