BoscoBosco was my pet dog, and was probably the best dog the world has ever seen. I know, I know, you feel the same way about your dog. I'm sure your dog was nice, but you didn't know Bosco. He was smart, he was funny, and he had a heart of gold.

He also had a funny name. Where did it come from? The only person to ever make a reasonable guess was my friend Bob Lindstrom, who said "Oh, he must be chocolate brown." To which I only stood gape-jawed at how logical that might have been, if it were only the truth. Because Bosco was sable and white.

Truth be told, I had once read that a dog's name was most easily recognized by the dog if it was of two syllables, each of which contained a 'hard' consonant*, and which was not a word you were likely to use in normal conversation. (How they supposedly determined this, I will never know.)

After a little thought, I remembered 'Bosko', who was a politically-incorrect cartoon character out of the Harmon-Ising studios in the 1930's (see picture). I spelled it with a 'c' like the chocolate syrup because, in the inimitible words of Steve Martin, 'I forgot'.

So Bosco he was, and Bosco he will always be. I miss him.

*Which is, of course, reminiscent of the old tale about the early days of the original Star Trek, when the series' writers joked that perhaps all Vulcan names should begin with 'Sp', end in 'k', and be exactly five letters long: Spock, Spunk, Spilk, etc.)

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