Where the Hell is Matt?

MattEvery once in awhile, I see something on the Web that just makes me feel good, for no particular reason. See ‘Best Video Ever‘ on this blog for one example. Where the Hell is Matt? is another. It’s just a video of this geek who travels around the world and takes videos of himself dancing – badly – everywhere he goes. At first, when you watch it, you just think “Well, this is pretty stupid”, but then it starts to grow on you. And you begin to feel good. I don’t even know why. It’s just that this dork has been to so many places, and when he’s there, he just, you know, dances. Sometimes people join in. Sometimes they look at him funny. Sometimes the place he’s standing is just so impressive that you barely even notice the geek dancing. But the overall effect is, as they say, greater than the sum of its parts. Just click the link and watch the video. And see if, at the end of it all, you don’t somehow feel just a little bit better about being human.

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