EccentricOver on Merlin Mann’s blog 43 Folders, Merlin asked the world what our eccentricities are or were. This was a fun question. I posted my response (along with about 100 other people). I thought about things I’d done that I haven’t thought about in years. Turns out I really am weird. But that’s okay, because if the responses are any indicator, other people are, too. Gives me hope. Anyway, here’s my response:

“In the 4th grade, I had an imaginary friend, a leprechaun named ‘George’.

In junior high, before boxers were cool, I wore boxers. I quit when the football team shredded them underfoot in the locker room with their cleats.

The first year of high school, I got my hair cut like Mr. Spock. Yes, I was the only one.

Throughout high school, I walked the alleys of my city late at night, whistling improvised jazz riffs.

In college, I started smoking a pipe. This only lasted about one month.

Also in college, I would take my shirt off and walk around bare-chested outside when it was below zero. (This to impress girls, of course.)

When I worked in a factory, as the only ‘college boy’ there, I figured my piecework using a slide rule. I also played with a yo-yo while on downtime, earning the nickname ‘yo-yo’.

I wore an INFO pocket protector throughout most of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

For two years, I wore Ray-Bans and a black fedora and insisted on being called ‘Mr. Big’. (This was in Waterloo, when I hung with the girls in ‘Sister Moon’.)

Today, I always carry Altoids mints and obsessively save the tins, claiming how ‘useful’ they are. In actuality, I have a whole box full of the damn things sitting in my closet.

I make up strings of ‘facts’, making them more and more outrageous until I’m finally called on it, then act indignant. (Alas, Carol was my favorite victim, and she’s gone. Sorry, Sheryl, but you’re just not as gullible…)

I always insist on using my middle initial. Just a matter of practicality when you have a very common last name, really. (And I got really pissed when listed my middle name as ‘Robbin’ then wouldn’t fix it – my middle name is ‘Robert’, in honor of my Dad, and I’m proud of it.)

There are, of course, many, many more.”

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