A Blinding Flash of the Obvious

Bottled WaterLike everyone else, my life is full of those little frustrations that make my days seem much longer than they should be. Especially workdays.

For example, where I work we have two soda vending machines. One has cans, one bottles. I am allergic to aspertame (Nutrasweet), so I can’t buy ‘diet’ sodas. Neither of the machines has tea. The can machine therefore offers me one viable choice: Coke. The bottle machine is Pepsi, which is sweeter than Coke; given a choice, I’ll take Coke any time. Still, I can only drink one Coke a day, or it’s just too much sugar to handle. The Pepsi machine will also gladly sell me a bottle of water for a dollar. That’s just ridiculous, but I have been known to buy one anyway.

Then a few weeks ago, I had my first blinding flash of the obvious: though the tap water here is pretty bad, there is a spigot on the kitchenette sink that dispenses – wait for it – filtered and chilled water. Since this is all they do to bottled water anyway, it hit me that I could refill my water bottle for free. Duh.

So I’d been happily drinking free bottled water for a couple of weeks, when the following fact worked its way through my barely-functioning brain: there is a whole binful of free Tetley teabags right next to the coffepot. Just 18 inches from where I’ve been filling up my water bottle. So I took one and put it in my water bottle, and viola, a half hour later I had a free bottle of iced tea.

Like I said, just another blinding flash of the obvious. But it has made work so much more tolerable.

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One Comment on “A Blinding Flash of the Obvious”

  1. Snoopy D Says:

    Way to go Bro..now I know why you earn the big bucks..Deb

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