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married life is grand

December 29, 2006

Ya know what? It really is. It’s kinda neat to say, “my husband”….hee hee I hope you all had a great x-mas. I spent christmas eve in Quincy Illinois at Mike’s sister’s house and all of his family *well most of them* were there. I had a migraine and had to lay down for a couple of hours, but after that things were peachy. Mike got me the CD I wanted, the Carrie Underwood CD. I know, she’s the little blonde that won American Idol, but she sure can sing! I love the CD! I highly recommend it. Well, I have lots to do, I just thought I would attempt to post something on here. Someone post!! Please! Uncle Markie went to a lot of trouble to get us set up. LOVE YA ALL!! Mrs. Howe tee hee