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The Most Beautiful Woman Ever

March 10, 2007

JulietI was 14, and a new comedy show debuted on TV. It was called Mona McCluskey, and it starred a gorgeous, leggy redhead named Juliet Prowse.

It was the first time I had ever seen her. I didn’t know that she had already starred in the film G.I. Blues with Elvis (and had a torrid affair with him, by all accounts). I didn’t know that she was already a world-famous singer and dancer, or that she had once been engaged to Frank Sinatra.

I just knew that, from that moment on, I would judge a woman’s beauty by the standard set by Juliet Prowse.

I’m 56 years old now, and Juliet died in 1996 from cancer. And I still think she was the most beautiful woman to ever grace this planet.


Editorial Cartoonist Bob Patton

March 9, 2007


I love cartoons, comic strips, and comics. Of all these, the editorial cartoon is the only one that is considered ‘respectable’. There’s even a Pulitzer Prize awarded every year for ‘Best Editorial Cartoon‘.

My good friend Bob Patton hasn’t won his yet, but he’s an excellent political cartoonist for the Iowa City Press-Citizen newspaper. They’ve recently given Bob his own Blog so you can go check out his “Patton’s Pad” comics yourself: