I love my new job!

Just thought I would take advantage of this space to gloat about my new job….I am the billing manager for a physical therapy place.  I have my own office.  I have a brand new computer with a large flat screen, uh screen.  LOL  I have a brand new phone system that has three INDEPENDENT lines.  I dont have to bother dialing 9 to get out.  Get out of what?  MY OWN OFFICE.  lol  I have my CD player in MY office, and spend most of my day with Keith Urban and George Strait.  And the best part is they pay me for this!  I spent most of today doing research, which basically means surfin the net.    Can I just say that I dig it???? 

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One Comment on “I love my new job!”

  1. I love that you’re still wearing heels. Good for you!https://ameo.link/gertiebowen82831081815

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